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Mastery ways to approach single Nairobi women

Approaching a beautiful lady can be a very hard task at times.

A man could spot a beautiful girl who his heart has chosen but will get stuck and stand still still trying to figure t how to approach the lady.

Its most obvious that men especially Nairobi men fear approaching the ladies in the name of ‘they are of a high class’.

According to various relationship experts, men dislike rejection.

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However, its very easy if he is serious about wanting to get close with the beautiful lady.

Just be sure that after approaching and talking with the beautiful girl, establishing a connection, and creating the basis for more would be very simple.

Dress Decently

A man would always attract any beautiful and single girl if he has dresses to kill.

Taking care of yourself in terms of dressing is a key skill in winning over the lady’s heart.

The types of clothes do not have to be took expensive, they can be cheap but look classy.

Be confident and chill

Ladies would always reject a man who is not confident and chill.

Being chill is generally a must feature because at this point you are meeting a stranger.

Obviously you are interrupting their normal day to day activity without warning.

Beautiful ladies love this kind of men, again who have respect.

You will easily win her heart.

Ditch pick up lines and sexual compliments

It is totally disrespectful and unwise for a man to compliment a lady on their first ever meeting.

According to relationship experts,a man should at all costs avoid the corny eye-roller of a pick up line and sexual compliments.

It is totally unnecessary because a woman will be looking at you in a different way while you keep trying to market yourself is some outlandish ways.

This game is awkward whose results are a closed chapter.

Introduce yourself

As the confident man you are, it’s time to speak and pour out your heart to her.

Make a catchy introduction which must be in a the very respectful way.

You need to have the words, if your are well equipped commence the intro.

You should remember to take her slow by giving her time to respond.

Just ensure you don’t end up getting nervous right at the moment you want to look smooth and confident.

Ask for her number

It should be noted that, a man must have followed the above process before asking for a girl’s number. This is an all-or-nothing game men!

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Never demand for her number but ask. Women will always reject and never want to associate with men who demand instead of asking.

It’s most obvious that the beautiful lady will provide her phone number to a good looking, confident and chill man.

Once she gives you the number, thank her and promise to reach to her soon.

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