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Maqbul Mohammed: Popular radio presenter opens up on battling depression, attempted suicide

Popular actor and former Capital FM radio presenter Maqbul Mohammed has opened up on battling depression and attempted suicide.

Speaking in a recent interview, the media personality disclosed that at some point, he was at the peak of his career but he had nothing despite appearing rich and successful.

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“I would wake up in the morning, get in the car, drive to work and park. I’d then turn on the radio, listen to my co-host then turn off the radio and drive back home. By that time my wife had gone to work and I would get in the room and sleep,” he recalled.

In 2015 after getting drunk in a party, Maqbul thought it was time to take his own life after dealing battling depression for a while.

“I remember going for a party, got drunk and I thought this is the perfect time to end it. I tried taking some pills but it didn’t work,” he said.

The radio host also decried pressure that comes with fame, noting that at the time, he was dealing with pressure from family, TV and radio among other things to the point that he could not take it anymore.

“Nobody prepares you for the responsibility that comes with fame, no one tells you about these things. The expectations on me were so much,” he said.

He added;

“I worked from Monday to Saturday. I was dealing with pressure from TV, radio, marriage, children and fans. It was too much to take. It was a difficult point in my life because I couldn’t balance all these.”

Maqbul also recalled his child lacking basic needs after the 2007 post election violence disrupted production on the Makutano Junction.

According to the actor, the famous TV series was his only source of income at the time.

“It was super difficult, at one point, my child did not have diapers and we had to use a leso instead. Things were really tough,” he said.

Maqbul landed a job at Capital FM after actress Nini Wacera who was a presenter at the station called him to appear as a guest.

Fortunately, Capital FM bosses were intrigued by Maqbul’s eloquence and voice on air and decided to offer him a job.

Maqbul left Capital FM in 2019 after 12 years.

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He currently works at the Nation Media Group as the Team Lead in Charge of Radio Special Projects.

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