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Man strips naked inside bank after KSh 78k disappeared from his account

Drama ensued at a local bank in Nigeria after a man disrupted operations on grounds that KSh 78,000 had disappeared from his account.

According to reports, the man resorted to cause a scene as his complaints had not been attended to for almost a month.

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Accompanying by his kids, the man lamented that they had been kicked out of school over fees arrears as he depended on his savings to clear the fees.

He added that he had been lodging complains about the issue, asking the bank to fix but they heard none of it.

Moments later, he stormed out of an office and when to the banking hall where he removed his T-shirt and trouser arguing no service will go on.


@Bunda_lurvah: I’m keeping my money in the bank so it’s safe. Why will my money leave my account without my knowledge and they won’t do anything about it. See how unconcerned the woman is, it’s pis*ing me off

@MrTifey: You should rather have the full understanding of the issue before you begin to draw blames. It could prolly be a transaction on his account as regards him divulging his card details or a myriad of other reasons

@Sby107: The I don’t care attitude of most employees bother me… See the way the lady ignored him. Your Customer??? Nigeria gets depressing by the day but if Dangote goes there to make a complaint, All of them will be on their toes forming Empathy… Fake ppl everywhere

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@doraayobami: This is the only language that most Nigerian institutions understand. Madness. Watch how the manager will show up now and matter will be resolved. Why must the worst side of us come out before we are treated with respect

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