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Man Screams in Horror as Tame Snake is Draped Around His Neck: ‘Mama Yangu!’

A video of a Kenyan man screaming in horror after a snake is draped around his neck has light up the internet, sparking hilarious reactions.

In the viral video, the man is seen screaming loudly as a snake handler drapes a snake around his neck.

As expected, the man is seen screaming in a mixture of distress and anxiety as the live snake comes into contact with his skin.

He cringes further as the snake ‘kisses’ his neck and the look on his face tells of a confidently-scared person.

At one time, a woman watching the drama unfold threatens him that more snakes would be released if he continued making noise.

“Ukipiga kelele zingine zitatoka,” she says in obvious jest.

This drives the man into more fear as he pleads with the handler to take the snake from him:

“Ichukue, itoe, nitaiangusha…wacha..wacha” he says in shrill voice full of fear.

The video has sparked mixed reactions with netizens making fun of the cowardly man.

Edikiras: Hii inafanya anatoa soprano.Huku ni wapi niende. I need to face my phobia with snakes

Journalist Perry: Huyo if he’s married bibi Leo Ako na kibarua coz of nightmares …ile kizungu itakua usiku 

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Luke Wekesa: Huyu ni mubabas wa wapi.
Do you have phobia for snakes? How would you have behaved in a similar experience?

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