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Man Overwhelmed with Pleasure, Laughs as Lady Massages His Head after Shave

A humorous video has emerged on social media showing a Kenyan man getting a massage after a clean shave at a barbershop.

In the 27 seconds video, the freshly shaven man is seen seated while a lady masseur rolls a scalp massager on his head.

In a move that left netizens in stitches, the man started making some funny sounds as the lady continuously rolled the tool around his head.

As the pleasure got intense, the man writhed in the chair and removed his tongue as the now all smiling lady continued stroking his head with the scalp massager.

The man who was seemingly overwhelmed with pleasure in turn raised his arms and slid down the chair.

The man’s antics elicited mixed reactions on social media.

Agal Nyakusa said: “This explains why that species are always shaving twice a week.”

Catherine Jimmy said: “His laugh is so contagious, I just found myself laughing out loud for real.”

Lisa Nyanchama said: “It takes courage to date a man who “lifts” his legs and makes funny motions while laughing. Be still son of a woman.”

A scalp massager. PHOTO | COURTESY

Rose Wanjiru said: “Do all men laugh like this, after being massaged by that thing or the tickling comes depending with the one doing it? I think it should be the best home remedy after arguing and then we use that tickling machine.”

Mutanu Mulu said: “But married women are massaged in same salons by handsome 6 packed young men.”

Owuor Antoinette said: “I can’t allow another woman to make my man laugh. I am going to buy this and do it for him.”

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