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Man Nailed on Tree For Allegedly Stealing a Radio – PHOTO

Residents of Izava village in Sabatia, Vihiga County were left in shock after a young man was nailed on a tree over claims that he had stolen a radio.  

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Collins Sambaya, 19, was found nailed on a tree using two roofing nails. 

The nails had been driven through each palm of his hands. 

The distraught villagers alerted the police who responded quickly, rescued him and rushed him to the hospital. 

DCI noted that a manhunt for the suspects responsible for the inhuman act has been launched. 

The nails had been driven through each palm of his hands PHOTO/COURTESY


Kiriungi Njogu: Ngai mwathani! This is sad, wrong, evil and the saddest thing that can happen to anyone. This is cruel and so hurting. No matter the crime, this one has gone overboard. Humans are dangerous. Animals have less brains but can not behave like this. Am so teary. May justice prevail. 

Charles Gathembe: This is the most inhumane thing I’ve seen on the internet today. Heartbreaking! Totally heartbreaking 

Wangui Mbuthia Karen: Waaaah I feel like laws have loosened a little for people to be this inhumane and not fear the consequences. Who can we blame? The values instilled in us in our upbringings? What the religion is not teaching us?? The peer pressure around us? Or the lack of knowledge in us to never be this inhumane? 

Sebastian Logins: These is inhumane act, Those responsible should be apprehended with immediately effect and face the law 

Shillah Cheru: Lord protect our children. This is pure wickedness. This is the most heartbreaking thing have seen this night. Where did humanity go? 

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