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Man Laments After Being Dumped Despite Paying Rent, Starting Business for Ex-Lover

A young man has sparked mixed reactions on social media after detailing how his ex-girlfriend dumped her for another man. 

According to the man identified as Uncle Bless, his ex-lover came into his life and exploited him while courting a military man who she is set to marry. 

In a social media rant, the bitter man regretted investing a lot of money in his ex-girlfriend, who he accused of cleverly hiding their relationship from the public. 

Uncle Bless noted that he paid rent and even started a business for the woman among many other personal needs.  

“You bill me of sorts of things from rent, money for business, everything when you attack spiritually who did you bill, any little money I get you to have it in your account. You told me you got job at Aflao so we need to rent, you got that money within few days, you later said your previous place at Sogakofe your bill needed to be renew

“I did that with my poverty money, you let everyone know we are not dating. After draining me down you just came to ask me who knows I rented for you and why should someone knows I rent for you you block me wow, because you finished your mission of draining the poor guy down,” the man wrote in part. 

After some time, the man noted that the woman blocked him from communicating with her shortly before he realized that she was set to wed soon. 

The man exposed her former lover on her wedding day, Saturday, March 19, 2022.  

The post sparked mixed reactions with most netizens consoling the young man. 

Uncle Bless (in red jacket) and her ex-lover identified  as Rubby PHOTO/COURTESY

Jessica Chinyere: She wasn’t meant for you ogah. What’s not yours can never be yours no matter what you do. If we take it spiritually, it might mean God didn’t approve your union. So you could let her enjoy her wedding in peace. You were busy feeding another person’s goat. 

Hassan Al Hussein: Ladies pls if you know you don’t love a man and have no intentions of settling down with them don’t give them hopes and spend their money. Especially when you realize they are so into you and want to marry you. 

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Pepper Dem Trisha: It really heartbreaking but move on and God will do the rest. This are dome of the things some ladies does without thinking about their future tomorrow, they might feel happy today but when your mistakes starts taking actions on you that’s when you’ll start thinking it’s a demon after you. 

Francis Oremus Appiah: You see my problem is not about this lady ooo but rather the next lady you will meet, there will be no love, and your heart will be full of revenge too sorry bro.

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