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Man Kush Disputes Burale’s 9-Year Celibacy Claims

Controversial Churchill Show comedian and preacher Man Kush has disputed claims by Pastor Robert Burale that he practised celibacy since 2013. 

When asked about his opinion on Burale’s recent revelation, Man Kush expressed doubts if it was possible to be celibate for such a long time. 

The man of God argued that most people have tried it but they failed the test of time. 

“That is his decision but I don’t think there is a man who can be celibate,” Man Kush argued.   

Man Kush argued that most people claiming to be practising celibacy are engaging in evil activities in secrecy. 

“Most of these men wananyonga monkey, that’s the truth. As a preacher, I would not advise young men to practise celibacy because it is not practical. Let’s not lie to ourselves,” he argued. 

This comes a week after Burale disclosed that he has not had any intimate relations since 2013. 

Speaking with a local publication, the man of God stated that he has never slept with a woman since getting a divorce from his ex-wife, Rozinah Mwakideu in 2013. 

Burale admitted that it was not easy to remain chaste for that long, while at the same time noting that though sex is important, it is not everything. 

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“Sex is very important in marriage even for us born again believers but it’s not everything. I have been celibate since my marriage ended in 2013. But it is God,” Burale told Mpasho. 

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