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Man explains decision to marry two women on the same day

A 34-year-old Nigerian man who recently married two men on the same day has said he is happy to have made the bold move.

Speaking to The Punch, Ekpe Akpove who is a farmer disclosed that he met his first wife in 2008 and the second one two years later in 2010.

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The man explained that he married the two women on the same day because he loves them equally, further revealing that they both have three children each for him.

“I love them both equally and that is why I have decided to get married to them. They both have three children each for me. So, I had to do the right thing and pay their bride price and be married to them legally. My firstborn is 11 years old; fortunately for me, my wives usually give birth within the same period,” he said.

Akpove also said that his wives rarely get into physical fights, noting that he solves indifferences himself or calls his friends to talk to them.

“Women will always be women. Thankfully, they don’t get into physical fights, and they usually have arguments which I believe is normal

“As the man of the house, I always sort out their differences, and also I have friends who can talk to them and they listen,” added Akpove.


@onywxgodwin: Polygamy is a normal thing in Delta State. This literally happens every weekend

@nwanyeoma: He must be super rich and they must be super desperate

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@oba_catalyst: This one that people are now marrying two women at a time. I never even get one, is two now possible for me?

@mord: At least he is honest about it

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