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Man Discovers Wife of 6 Years Has Secretly Bought Car and Land, Contemplates Divorce

A man is at the crossroads over the fate of his relationship after he discovered that his wife of six years had acquired multi-million property behind his back.

Taking to Twitter, Franklin said things started going south when he discovered how much his lovely wife earned after lying to him for years.

“In 2016, she told me her salary was 15,000 ZAR (About KSh 118,000 )and then two years later, she got promoted,  I asked her about the salary and she said they only added her  3,000,” said Franklin.

Due to her wife’s considered little earnings, the man said he took up so many responsibilities in the house without complaining, including paying for food, school fees, medical among other bills. 

At one point, Franklin said his wife gave him a loan so that he could acquire a car.  However, she kept asking for her money back and he had to return it to her even though he did not have much in his account.

One day, the man said his wife used his laptop but forgot to log out her accounts.

” I was about to log out when something caught my attention. I saw a mail with the subject January payslip. When I saw her gross salary, I was shocked 45,000 ZAR (KSh 355,000)? and this girl has been crying poverty?” he posed.

The man said he was unable to sleep that night as he felt cheated and played.

He wondered what the woman has been using the extra money for, given that he was footing almost all their bills, including buying her sanitary pads.

Franklin said the thought of going through her wife’s phone crossed his mind.  Even though he felt it was an invasion of privacy, that was the only way he could find out the truth.

“I started with her best friend, nothing much was found, I went through the chats with her father that is when I realised my wife had bought a piece of land and had started building,” he added.

The devastated man said his wife’s father was in charge of the project and had sent her the photos of various stages of the building.

Further in their chats, the man said he realised his wife had bought a Hyundai i10 for her senior brother to use if for uber.

The man regretted that from all indications, his wife was doing well for herself while she played poor so that she could rely on his salary.

A divorce illustration. PHOTO | COURTESY

After some time, Franklin said he confronted his wife questioning her why she had acquired all the property without informing him.

He lied to her that he had been informed of the property by her father.

“You started building, you never told me that. When were you going to tell me?  She stood quiet for a while. She asked why would my father tell you all that?” he added.

Minutes later, the man said his wife came with her phone saying her father wanted to talk to him. He said the man was clearly angry to learn that his daughter had not informed her husband of the property and apologised.

He said throughout their conversation, his wife did not say anything and when they were done, he told her everything from her salary to the car that she bought for her brother.

“Trust was lost, love was broken, we had to find a way of living our lives going forward. Her father called me and apologised but I told him the emotional state I was in needed space,” he added.

After three days, the man said her wife’s parents came to their house to apologise in person. They asked him not to divorce their daughter and, if nothing at all, should think otherwise for the sake of their children.

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After the meeting, the man said his wife changed and doesn’t ask for money anymore. He said the lady started paying for things she never paid for. However, he insisted that he was unmoved.

“She taught me a very great lesson and I’m taking it seriously. That in everything, I have to look out for myself and my family first,” he said.

The angered man said he will sell the land that they bought and has their both names to recover his money.  He added that he had also placed the car that he bought for her for sale.

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Franklin said the wife keeps on asking him if she will leave her adding that he will easily grant her a divorce if she wants it.

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