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Man Disappointed as Lady He Was Proposing to Runs Away

A young man is nursing a heartbreak after his proposal to his perceived girlfriend went south.

As seen in a viral clip that is making rounds on social media, the love-struck man went down on one knee to ask his girlfriend and hand in marriage. Unfortunately, she ran away.

From the video, the man had seemingly broken his bank to prepare for the event as it was characterised by expensive decor.

In the spot where he was kneeling, there were red flowers well arranged to form a heart, a sign of love.

In the video seen by, the yet to be identified man donning a white shirt, black trousers and black shoes is on one knee.

His girlfriend, donning a floral dress, is standing infront of him but has his eyes blindfolded.
The unexpected happened when her blindfold was removed.

On seeing him, she stepped back in surprise and run away waving her hands in disapproval.

The disappointed man was left kneeling not knowing what to do next.
The people who thronged the place to witness what was supposed to be a joyous moment burst out in laughter as some comforted the heartbroken man.

Proposal gone wrong. PHOTO | COURTESY

The video elicited varied reactions on social media.

Shujaa Wa MauMau said: “I’ll never propose in this silly manner. My pride can’t handle such disappointment when it knocks.”

Orlando Simba said: “Good girl, good move. Our African women must resist the uncouth behaviour by uncultured men who are copying everything western.”

Dj Topaz said: “If I ever go down on one knee to propose to a woman and she says no, am coming back up with an uppercut.”

Stephen Matiku said: “Impregnate her and even their parents will lower their voices for negotiations…they will be like, “our son how should we handle this?”

Echesa Wesonga said: “Where do men get the guts to do this nonsense? Proposal ni mimba.”

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