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Man builds metal fence around car that blocked his gate

A furious farmer has revenged on a driver who blocked his gate by building a metal fence around his car.

US Councillor Emily Durrant who shared the post on Twitter, said that the unknown farmer constructed the metal fence to prevent the vehicle from moving.

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According to Emily who represents Llangors, Mid Wales, the owner of the vehicle disrespected the farmer by blocking his pass to his working landscape.

She further asked all tourist to respect everyone’s space during their visits.

‘We are very welcoming of visitors, they are very important to our local economy and they bring a lot to the area.


”But people must respect the fact rural areas consist of working landscapes and they should be treated as such. It’s the same as parking in front of someone’s storefront.


‘It’s an amusing picture, but the message behind it is a serious one. All we ask is for people to be considerate when travelling to rural areas and to be mindful of their surroundings.’

Emily also revealed that the fence was removed after a photo of the car was taken.

Social media users have since supported the farmers actions with others saying they would have done more than that.

@ThatsASecretLOL: “I would have left the fence up until the owner came asking. Then I would have royally screwed with him so he learned his/her lesson. However as this is a BMW I really dont think anything gets through those THICK SKULLS of theirs.”

@Telboy_44: “You should have padlocked it all with chains , I’m 100 % behind every farmer trying to protect their right of way.”

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@RealWilde: “What absolute plank parked in front of the gate when there was about an acre of space around them.”

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