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Man, 62, Claiming to be Kibaki’s Son Demands Share of Late President’s Estate

A 62-year-old man resembling late President Mwai Kibaki now claims that he is the former Head of State’s firstborn son.

In an interview with Standard, Jacob Ochola Mwai said he wants a share of Kibaki’s estate, arguing that he grew up knowing that he was the late president’s child. 

Ochola said he knew Kibaki was his dad following a conversation with his mother, a year after the death of his foster father. 

He noted that his foster father hailed from the Luo community hence the name Ochola. 

“When I turned 21, the person I knew as my father died. A year later, my mom disclosed to me that the man who had raised me was not my biological father

“She told me she was going to talk to my father and introduce me to him, which she did after a month or so,” Ochola said. 

He also claimed to have interacted with Kibaki at the Karen Country Club and during a sit-down organized by his mother at Amboseli Grill in Nairobi. 

“My adoptive father was a member of the Karen Country club just like the late president. I was raised in Karen and we frequented the club. Kibaki is someone I knew and so when the time came for me to meet my father, I never expected it to be the late president,”Ochola said. 

Jacon Ochola Mwai in a past interview PHOTO/COURTESY

Ochola also recalled an instance in 1986 when he hosted the late former Head of State at Mombasa Beach Hotel where he worked as a manager. 

“I was the manager at Mombasa beach and Mzee used to come since he has a residence adjacent to the beach but he had to travel three kilometers to get there. During Easter and Christmas he would come and I would sit with him for hours,” he said. 

Ochola said he was very close with Kibaki that he visited his late wife days before succumbing to carcinoma of the rectum. 

“Lily was in and out of both Nairobi and Aga Khan Hospitals for almost two years and my father visited her just days before she died,” he said.

He also claimed that he attended Mama Lucy Kibaki’s memorial service at Consolata Shrine where he says the former Head of State thanked him for coming and invited him to the burial ceremony. 

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Ochola said after his resignation, he would frequent his Muthaiga home and Nyari office to catch up with him.

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