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Makena Njeri launches beer brand for LGBTQ community

Former BBC journalist and Bold Network Africa CEO and Founder, Makena Njeri has unveiled beer brand named bold weeks after confessing she is gay.

Her new beer brand aims at encouraging members of the LGBTQ community to be bold and prouder of themselves.

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Makena worked together with a wonderful team 254 brewing co in producing the beers which will have the community’s colours.

According to the media personality, when one partakes the bold beer, it reminds them that the universe dances to the tunes of the bold ones.

“Boom . Introducing to you the BOLD beer by @boldnetworkafrica & @254brewingco ! When the time is right everything falls into place.


I went to the amazing 254 breweries to ask if they would be BOLD enough to make a beer that will change the lives of many people in the community because this will be a reminder that every time you choose to be bold the universe dances to your tune!


I have tasted the bold beer  and I have to say is freaking BOLD ! Today I present to the world the Bold beer , everytime you purchase this work of art you will be changing someone’s life and guess what we will drink it together today at the Bold N Proud hangout by @thedanceshagz_ @chikikuruka.”

In her lengthy message, the beauty did not forget to thank few members who helped her make the brand successful.

“A big thank you to Eoin and Megan @254brewingco for being believers and making this a reality you have changed the lives of so many people today. We will always remember. Be Bold, Be You. shared Maken Njeri.

Her fans flooded at the comment section to congratulate her.

michelle.ntalami “@makenanjeri I’m so proud of you for this! Never be afraid, and never stop dancing with the Universe. Here’s to the first beer I will ever love!@254brewingco”

anitanderu “I am so happy and excited for this collaboration”

cindymaloba “Gurl”

tracywanjiru_ “I love it haya nitumie pesa ”

brightgameli “That’s a BOLD Move and I love it… Congratulations there @makenanjeri”

valleriemuthoni “AMAZING, right on time for Pride month ”

maureen_nyukuri “ congratulations darling”

ntalami_army “You’re thoughtfulness is a whole mood. Congratulations ”

esther_gatakaaa “Great great job… Keep on being bold ”

taita_gal “Awwwww officially my drink I love when we appreciate others without judging them LOVE IN DIFFERENT COLORS IS STILL LOVE

This comes weeks after Makena revealed that she is a member of the LGBTQ community.

Speaking during an interview with TEDx talk, the Tv girl said that she is happy, free and bold about her decision which she made many years ago.

Makena also opened up that since she knew her sexual orientation and since it went viral she faced multiple challenges.

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“I remember for the first time in my life after very many years, I looked at the mirror and said to myself ‘I am gay, I am unique and this is my truth,” Makena said.

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