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‘Make Money and Be Single, Men Will Add You Nothing’: Lady Advises Women

A Ugandan YouTuber has caused a storm on social media over her controversial comments about relationships.

In an interview with the country’s Galaxy FM, Methia Lydia Nabawanda advised her fellow ladies to find jobs and make money instead of focussing on relationships. 

In the Wednesday, March 16 discussion, Nabawanda boldly told ladies that the current generation of men will add no value to their lives.

“To my fellow girls, please make money and be single for all the years you want. There’s nothing much a guy will add to you,” said Nabawanda.

Youtuber Methia Lydia. PHOTO | COURTESY
The social media influencer insisted that generations have changed and gone are the days when women used to worship their husbands and depended on them for financial support.
She said men in the current era should not expect to be treated by their girlfriends the same way their mothers took care of their fathers.

“We have to accept that generations changed, you can’t expect me to take care of you the exact way my mum used to take care of my dad,” she added.

Nabawanda’s sentiments elicited varied reactions on social media.

Damaris Mutie said: “Wait until you hit fifty years, loneliness, regrets bitterness, depression jealousy. The point is that a very wrong and misleading advise.”

Multigrade Logisticssaid: “Be single all your life but age will definitely humble you. The beautiful ones are not yet born. With multiple partners, you will be left with AIDS, cervical cancer, etc.”

Catherine Jimmy said: “That’s true, not everyone has to ride off into the sunset with a man, some of us just want a tun”, being single is just a choice and that doesn’t mean you’re not complete, just take your time.”

Irene Temba said: “True, there is nothing much these sons of pharaoh will add to you. My ladies let’s go, let the sky be our limit, marriage isn’t an achievement.”

Damaris Kimani said: “I agree with her, through experience have realized women should first define their purpose and make something of themselves before marriage commitments. Otherwise, there are destiny killers masquerading as marriage partners.” 

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Eddie Kiboi said: “This is only good for those of us who weren’t meant for marriage..being single until death?”

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