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Linturi Pledges to Support Sex Workers, Argues Business Indicates Stable Economy

Senator Mithika Linturi has promised to better the lives of sex workers should he win the Meru gubernatorial seat in the forthcoming elections. 

Linturi held a meeting with about 200 sex workers at a hotel in Meru on Wednesday evening, April 20. 

Speaking during the meeting, he promised to support them by providing an enabling work environment, arguing that the business is a key indicator of a thriving economy. 

If elected, Linturi noted that his administration will addressing challenges faced by sex workers including access to free drugs and condoms.

“We will have an adequate supply of drugs, condoms and vaccines in our hospitals. Never again will our hospitals run out of drugs and condoms 

“We will also ensure you access vaccines needed to protect yourselves against STIs and cervical cancer,” he said. 

Commercial sex workers at work PHOTO/COURTESY

He also lauded the sex workers for observing keenness in their jobs and as such preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS. 

“HIV/Aids is real and there is a need to protect yourselves. I have noted that the HIV prevalence in Meru is at 2.5 compared to the national prevalence of 4.9 per cent 

“This means our people are protecting themselves. You should not let off the guard. Let us work towards lowering the prevalence,” Linturi said. 

Linturi also noted that the business is key economic wise since most people have money to spare to seek their services. 

“I am well-travelled and know that the best way to know the economy is vibrant is to look at commercial sex work as a key indicator. If there is no money, no one will come to seek your services,” he said. 

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The commercial sex workers were also advised to be proud of their job.

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