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Lady reveals she gives almost all of her salary to her husband

A young lady elicited mixed reactions on social media after revealing she gives almost all of her salary to her husband.

Through her Twitter page, the lady identified as Jag Zangel insisted that she was ready to support her husband in providing for their family.

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She disclosed that immediately she received her salary, she went to her husband and asked him how much he needed her to contribute.

The husband mentioned a figure close to all her salary, and to his surprise, she gave him the money.

“My salary came yesterday and immediately I received the alert, I rushed to my husband and asked him how much he needs me to contribute after informing him that my salary has been paid

“He thought I was joking and mentioned a figure thinking I was going to contest because it was almost all my salary,” she wrote.

Jag said after transferring the money, her husband was lost for words and looked happy and surprised.

She added that she realized her husband has been doing so much for the family without complaining or asking for help from her.

“That’s when I realized that he was doing so much without complaining. He sees it like his duty and even when the financial burden is too much, he struggles to pay without asking me

“He was so surprised and happy, I know that my money is just a fraction of what he brings but he felt like I gave him millions,” she added.

Jag further noted that her purpose in their marriage is to offer a helping hand and not be coming another burden.

“I then told him that I am putting in the effort to make more money so that I can still reduce his stress. He didn’t marry a responsibility, he married an helper and he should be feeling more relaxed than when he was single. I have never felt entitled to anybody’s pocket and I won’t do that with my husband,” she further wrote.

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@j_usifo: I love this thread, so so much! Men need support too! They’re under a lot of pressure. Women should be willing to support. It should be collective and mutual… The man is someone’s child too! Thanks for sharing this

@ImaikopIwan: God bless you and keep your marriage away from intruder in Jesus name

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@Oladele: Some women are to be kept and pampered honestly, some women are so real in everything, this is actually my Fiancee too, even while we are yet to marry. May God continue to bless you Ma’am

@John_Ogah: Madam you are a definition of a virtuous woman. God bless you. Continue to support him

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