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Lady Gifted House by Uhuru Kenyatta Says She Was Forced to Reject It

A single mother from Nakuru, who made headlines in 2019 after she rejected a house that she was gifted by President Uhuru Kenyatta, has shed light on what transpired.

It all started in 2014 when Damaris Wambui’s son, Dennis Ngaruiya, left Uhuru in stitches after reciting a poem to him during the Kenya Defence Forces Day celebrations in Lanet Barracks.

As a result, the head of state promised to put up a decent house for the family in an appreciation of the boy’s creativity. At that time, Wambui was living in a mud-walled house in Lanet.

Apart from the house, while meeting the duo at State House Nairobi, Uhuru promised to clear Ngaruiya’s school fees and find his mother a better job. 

Damaris Wambui in front of the house she rejected. PHOTO | COURTESY

Big joke

Five years later, a house was constructed and offered to Wambui, but in a dramatic turn of events, she rejected it.

In an interview, she together with her son, described the two-bedroom house as a big joke adding that someone with the ranks of a president could not offer them such a house.

“This is a big joke. Look at this house. It has cracks on the outside and looks like a semi-permanent house while President Kenyatta in his wisdom meant well for us as a family,” she said. 

According to the lady, the house had evidently been occupied and had cracked walls when she was asked to move in. 

The distressed Wambui claimed a State House official whom Uhuru had ordered to ensure she had a decent house played tricks on her.

Rejected under duress 

Two years after rejecting the house, the lady has renounced her earlier statements saying she was coerced.

Wambui told Nation that she was about to move into the house when a certain ‘influential person’ threatened her and forced her to reject it.

“Immediately after locating the house, I started receiving phone calls from unknown people who forced me to reject the house. They threatened to kill me and my entire family, so I gave in and came up with reasons to reject it,” she added.

Fearing that they would be killed, the lady insisted that she chose her life and that of her son over the house, recounting that at one point, some people tried to kidnap her.

Since rejecting the house, Wambui said life has become unbearable as she is homeless, jobless and facing life threats.

She added that her friends and neighbours isolated her, calling her out for being ungrateful that she rejected Uhuru’s gift.

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 The house that she rejected has since been handed over to another family which had three disabled children.

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