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Kind man donates KSh 2.8 million to homeless woman, KSh 17 million for her family

A man identified as Charlie recently sparked reactions on social media after helping a woman who lost everything to tornados.

On one of the days as Teresa was going rounds spreading love, she met Charlie, start talking and the latter was able to raise money for Teresa and her family.

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Charlie got Teresa KSh 2,832,750 to rebuild her house and give boxes with KSh 566,550 each to share it among her family members.

When more people donated the sum of KSh 16,996,500, the man gave it to Teresa and her family.


@acupoflaura: She cried more at being able to give away, than her own my hearrt

@rc_cola_lala: Omg. Her reaction to being able to bless others was even more emotional than receiving her own gift. Walking the walk. Just beautiful

@thelevelup__: She was more happy to give the money away than what she was receiving the money! Pure love! Genuineness

@time_4_me_now: I honestly think I would be happier giving it to others, even if I could use it myself. She seemed so overjoyed to be able to do that, what an incredible idea

In a separate story on, a kind hearted man warmed the hearts of many after gifting 73-year-old homeless woman KSh 2.2 million.

The elderly woman was seen roaming around without a place to live after losing her house to a storm that rocked the area.

In the video, when the woman was asked what her dream was, she said she would love to get a place to live to which the Good Samaritan went ahead and donated the aforementioned amount.

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“A place to live. I just want a place where I can go and don’t have to worry about moving again,” she said to which the mab could be heard saying, “I would like to go ahead and commit $20,000 for you.”

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