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Kind boy donates designer clothes to classmates who wears same clothes to school

A kind boy identified as Brayden surprised his classmate with some designer clothes after other students bullied him so much for wearing same clothes to school.

While in a interview with journalists, Brayden said that even though they are not close friends, he disliked how people mocked him.

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Brayden revealed that his classmate did not have many clothes because he came from a poor background.

I remember last year he only had 2 outfits cause he just didn’t have the money to buy clothes.”

He also noted that he would never want the boy’s name shared on the media owing to the trolls he received from other people.

Brayden gifted the boy the new and expensive outfits while in school.

You got joggers, these are all Nike, Adidas and Hollister shirts. A Hollister sweatshirt, it’s all really nice. And you have more joggers in here. And, I even bought you a Champion sweatshirt, so… this is yours. And… this is all yours bro. You can keep the bag.”

Many people were touched by Brayden’s actions and joined in helping the boy.

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They set a fundraiser where they have since received more than $7000 (KSh 762,650).

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