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Kenya’s tribal chiefs have become too powerful and are no longer accountable

A social media user took to Facebook to explain how tribalism is still growing becoming more strong and powerful.

In a lengthy post Ephraim Njenga compared what is happening to Kenya to what is happening in Lebanon saying thay they are very much similar.

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He said that after the civil wars, the Lebanese people adapted the behaviour where only one religion or one tribe get to elected a leader.

“We have to take a lot of interest in what is happening in Lebanon. I see many similarities with what is happening in Kenya. You see, after the civil war in Lebanon they developed this system where elections do not result in any one faction claiming total victory. The Christians produce the president, one Muslim faction produces the PM and another Muslim faction produces the Speaker of the parliament,” he said in part.

Njenga also said that because of this kind of behaviour the politicians have become more powerful and less accountable.

He added that the Lebanese people have been greatly afftected and are now helpless and remain captive of the political class.

This creates a situation where politicians are seen as factional representatives and guarantors of peaceful coexistence. As a result, these politicians have become too powerful and society can’t hold them to account over anything. The society in Lebanon has become helpless captives of the political class,” he added.

Njenga believes that Kenyans have also been enslaved on the same ‘disease’ and it will only take a miracle to take back control.

In Kenya, we are in a position where we have been enslaved by the political class. It is almost impossible to free ourselves. It will take a miracle to take back control.

He added on to say that people have been blinded to only see that every tribe should be presented in government.

The mentality that has emerged over the years is that government is a piece of meat and those in charge consider their time in office as their time to eat. We have been made to believe that every tribe must be represented in government by whatever means.

Unfortunately this eating is only done by a few yet everyone in their faction has to take responsibility for the eating.

Njenga said that Kenyans have been convinced by the politicians that only if they are represented by by leaders from their tribe there would be peace and prosperity.

He added that the longer Kenyans remain enslaved, the more the country will remain weak.

Tribal kingpins in this country have created a siege mentality where they have convinced people that unless everyone in the tribe supports them there wouldn’t be peace or prosperity for the tribe.

We are now stuck in this dysfunctional state where it is almost impossible for a non-tribal kingpin to be elected to lead the country. The longer we stay enslaved the more the country will weaken and eventually collapse into a failed State like in Lebanon.

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On the controversial BBI debate, Njenga said;

The worst thing is that BBI has been designed to entrench this system in the constitution. This will make our enslavement constitutional and it will be harder to disentangle ourselves. We are just about to legalise our oppression.

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