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Kenya’s Ministry of Health Bans Baby Feeding Bottles

The Ministry of Health has banned feeding bottles effective May 28, 2021.  

Bottles, teats, pacifiers and cups with spouts will not be allowed as containers for use when it comes to feeding babies.

This comes after Parliament passed a law that listed feeding bottles as designated products and as such, they can be regulated by the law. 

The new law was contained in the Breast Milk Supplements (BMS) Regulation and Control Act of 2012.  

Speaking during the National Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition Symposium, Esther Mogusu, the principal nutrition and dietetics officer at Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) explained why feeding bottles mean more harm than good. 

“The reason they are regulated is whatever content is fed (to a baby) using bottles is not breast milk, but often will be a non-nutritious fluid,” Mogusu explained. 

She added;

“The teats from which the child feeds on is made of silicon, which does not have the same texture as the breast nipple, and this causes what is known as nipple confusion, leading to refusal to breastfeed by the baby.” 

Esther Mogusu, the principal nutrition and dietetics officer at Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS)  PHOTO/COURTESY

Mogusu said suckling from the bottle causes pressure to the inner ear and as such, it would cause recurrent ear inflammation. 

On the other hand, she explained that teats cause misalignment of the jaws because babies tend to bite on it resulting in dental caries. 

Mogusi added that bottles are not easy to clean and they often hide bacteria making it hard to clean through washing regularly causing infections to the child. 

The ban has sparked reactions from most social media users including Professor Lukoye Atwoli who opposed the ban, arguing that all the products have prescribed labels.  

“I’m hearing that the MoH has banned feeding bottles and pacifiers. I’ve read the said regulations and all I see on these items is a prescribed label, similar to that prescribed for tobacco products

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“Nothing is ‘banned’ in those regulations, unless I’m missing something,” Atwoli wrote. 

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