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Kenyan Triplets Reveal How They Manage to Date Same Man

A set of Kenyan triplets have sparked reactions on social media after disclosing that they are all dating the same man. 

In an interview with Jalang’o, the triplets; Cate, Mary and Eve also known as Comrades Triplets said they happened to fall in love with one man, although on different occasions. 

Cate who said that she first spotted the man noted that she told her sisters of one Bigman Stevo and they later came to realize that they were interested in the same man. 

“I used to watch him on YouTube and one day I told my sister Mary about him, she admitted to having a crush on him and when they mentioned to their sister Eve, they realized she had a crush on the man too,” Cate said. 

The triplets also revealed that they came up with plans on how their boyfriend spends time with them and engaged in relationship activities such as dates. 

“We have plans that he takes each one of us on a date, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday respectively then we have a joint date on a Friday evening

“Our condition is he has to love us equally; he should try his best to love us the equally,” they said.  

The triplets added that their boyfriend sometimes gets confused about who is who.

The revelation sparked mixed reactions from netizens who applauded the man for successfully managing to date the triplets. 

I G: These kids need guidance, wise and godly counsel. Where are the spiritual mothers? 

Luke Khasievera: I watched this at first and landed in a conclusion that this triplets were displaying an incestuous act in their choice of dating the same guy until i understood them as polyamorous which is acceptable. This is unique and reserved for the strongest as themselves

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Charles Weru: Great show watching, but advice is that it’s risky marrying sisters especially triplets,at least they should get different men.

Meshack Mutua: The guy who dates them must be the luckiest man in the universe. Bring him to your show so he can tell us his ways. 

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