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Kenya Power Warns Chips Mwitu Sellers Against Using Transformer Oil

For some time now, some unscrupulous fast food vendors have been using oil illegally siphoned from electricity transformers to cook potato chips, also known as french fries.

The crooked businessmen add the transformer oil to the vegetable oil in order to make the cooking oil last longer as well as to mask the fact that the oil is being extensively reused.

With the currently skyrocketing price of vegetable oil, some chips mwitu vendors have resorted to transformer oil to keep their businesses afloat.

However, taking to social media, the Kenya Power and Lighting Company warned the chips vendors against using transformer oil to make the dish.

The company said transformer oil contains PolyChlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs), which pose a major health risk to consumers.

“Of chips mwitu and the likes…stay woke! Transformer oil contains polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) which pose a major health risk to consumers. Together we can eliminate vandalism! Dial Toll-free 991 today,” wrote KPLC.


In appearance, transformer oil is transparent, colourless and odourless.

Water contamination in transformer oil can cause tragic consequences as a good conductor of electricity.

The siphoning of transformer oil results in sudden blackouts, inconveniencing many businesses and households.

KPLC’s warning elicited mixed reactions on social media.

Solomon Muingi said: “Vandalism is a threat to the economy. I still believe that it’s more of an inside job. No layman can dismantle a transformer and successfully extract oil.”

Njuki Joseph: “Am yet to be convinced that these guys risks their life just to sell oil to mama Pima chips @ 100/200 bob…….this must be more than this.”

Jeremy said: “The stomach has no health risk when empty, knowledge is power we should learn about cooking ratio before health hazards.”

Eduu Wisefool BabaMessi said: “You are the cause of vandalism. You should encourage people to be against vandalism after dealing with oil prices, and some other food stuffs.”

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Emmans Ochieng said: “We have transformers outside the gate but since my childhood, we have always avoided that place it was installed, it needs rocket science to understand how layman like me would see the importance of destroying it to collect the oil.

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