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Ken Wakuraya: Inooro TV Anchor Accused of neglecting Son He Allegedly Fathered with Househelp

Inooro TV news anchor Ken Wakuraya has been exposed as a deadbeat dad by a woman claiming to be his baby mama. 

The woman reached out to Facebook blogger Wairimu Kiamani seeking help to reach the journalist, claiming that he blocked her everywhere. 

In a message sent to the blogger, the woman said she got pregnant for Ken while working for him and his wife as their househelp in 2015. 

She said she got pregnant for the journalist when he had issues with his wife. 

“I was working in Roysambu where Ken was staying and he had issues with his wife Njeri where even they couldn’t share bedroom, I was taking care of their daughter known as Naserian Wakutaya. Ken’s wife used to go work early in the morning leaving the three of us in the house

“The departure of Ken’s wife was a worry to me because Ken could come start touching me anyhowly telling me to sleep with him,” the woman said. 

The woman claimed that the Inooro TV journalist would demand sex from her regularly but she would turn down his requests. 

However, she claims that after some time, they got intimate and she realized she was pregnant weeks later. 

“I ignored him in anyway possible but it reached a day where he found me in the kitchen warming his bathing water and he had only wrapping himself a towel, that’s where he hold me tightly insisting to sleep with me 

“I wasn’t willing to but I just requested him to protect himself and he did it but in the process it got damaged and assured me that I was safe. I was afraid of sharing this the wife,” she added. 

Inooro TV news anchor Ken Wakuraya PHOTO/COURTESY

The woman said he informed Ken of the pregnancy and he reportedly told her that he was going to stay with her only if she terminates the pregnancy. 

“…in his reply was that he wanted no child with me and he had a family. That’s where I got afraid and went n started raising the pregnancy in which I told his wife I don’t work and I remember tuliendanisha stage na Ken’s sister who used to visit,” she said. 


“After delivery I called him and akanidanganya tumeet the coming week, bt when the time aliyokua amesema ilipofika he was off for a week, that’s where I called him with another number and after the pick he asked me why I gave birth and I told him I couldn’t have terminated.thats when I got blocked by him.” 

She said from then, she has never communicated with the journalist. 

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“…from then I have sending messages of explaining the child’s health and he used to read and not answer, I have been in such of him but he is not to avail. I just don’t know how it will be with us struggling alone without Ken’s help as a father.”

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