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KCSE Candidate Weeps Beside Mum’s Grave Who Died During Exam Period

An emotional video has emerged on social media showing a young girl donning a school uniform weeping uncontrollably while standing beside a fresh grave.

The girl is said to have completed sitting her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations and returned home only to find that her mother had passed away.

It is reported that the family did not inform her of her mother’s demise ostensibly to enable her to concentrate on her national examinations.

In a move that has been condemned by the majority of social media users, the family went ahead and buried the lady without her daughter’s knowledge and presence.

Girl weeping. PHOTO | COURTESY

Some netizens felt that the family would have preserved the body and waited for the girl to finish her examinations so that she could give her mother her last respect.

However, it was after she had sat for her final paper and travelled home that she was taken to her mother’s grave while still in the uniform.

We try to imagine that the lady was jovial after finalising her exams, travelled home to meet her family and celebrate her milestone only to find that her mother rested, sad.

The video of the girl weeping elicited sad reactions on social media.

Ole Kamanda said: “That was very wrong.. they should have let her send her mum.. exams can be redone but an opportunity to bury her mum will never come.. she might never get closure.”

Nyams Nyams said: “Exams come and go. They did her wrong in not telling her about her Mum’s death. She could have resat her exams if anything.. she can’t rebury her mum…..That’ll be a hard one for her.”

Kevin Maina Master said: “It was a very sad video. But it was wise to let her finish her exams.”

Joy Tosh said: “I saw it mpaka I got emotional all…no mom wishes to die and leave behind the kids suffering.”

Tabitha Nganga said: “I found myself shedding tears in the presence of my kids, it’s really painful.”

Lucy Muthoni Mboko said: “But why yaani they even went ahead and hurried the mother knowing very well where she was… They should pray hard that the girl forgives them in future.”

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D Wa Muyembe said: “Such psychological torture, this may haunt her forever, serious therapy needed.”

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