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Kakamega: Witchdoctor Deploys His Mysterious Bees to Hunt Livestock Thieves

Residents of Emusanda village in Botsolo, Kakamega county were left in shock after a witch doctor used his magical powers to track down thieves who had struck the area a few days earlier.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives, in a statement on Friday, May 27, said the magician deployed his mysterious bees which tracked down three livestock thieves.

The three were identified as Hillary Momanyi, 22, John Bukhazio 28 and the 20-year-old Winston Mutiele.

In the bizarre incident, the trio, after being attacked by a swarm of bees, emerged from their hiding, carrying on their shoulders the stolen goat and a calf, as they bleated and mooed onomatopoeically like the animals.

It all began after 42-year-old Tolibert Imbiakah woke up only to find that the animals were missing from their pen.

He then resolved to seek the services of a witchdoctor. The magician would then visit the man’s compound and conducted some rituals.

Livestock thieves. PHOTO | COURTESY

He then left, telling the owner not to worry as the thugs would come looking for him after two days.

True to his word, the three men emerged, their hands mobbed by swarms of bees as they carried the stolen animals.
The owner of the animals positively identified his animals.

The magician then took possession of his bees before handing the thieves to the police.

The incident elicited mixed reactions on social media.

Evangeline Ngungi said: “You should consider recruiting witchdoctors to the forces. Seems they are doing great work.”

Wuod Nyauyoma Nifra said: “Some which doctors should be on government payroll”

Esther Kirong Chepkoech said: “You should pay that witch doctor. He has done a good job. Am sure you guys would have taken days using forensic whatever.”

Idris Tchala said: “The witch doctor should be appointed as the Police Commandant as soon as possible…we need instant results like this one not 10yrs investigation by the top sleuth that yields nothing.”

Issa Haji Abdullahi said: “The Benevolent witchDoctor should help DCI capture the killers of sergeant Kenei and help recover the 21 Billion that vanished In Arror and Kimwarer Dams Scandal.”

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