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Kajiwe: Story of Kenya’s Most Feared Witchdoctor Sought After by Big Politicians

Tsuma Washe Guro aka “Kajiwe” is arguably the most feared medicine man in Kenya’s history.

In his prime, legend has it that Kajiwe travelled to Ukambani where he competed with a famed Kamba medicine man and won the contest.

The story which is not verified has it; the Ukambani medicine man admitted defeat when Kajiwe made his vehicle to lift itself and perch atop a mango tree!

That said, Kajiwe left a dazzling legacy in his Chonyi area in Kilifi County and the whole of East Africa for his unrivalled ability in as as far as neutralising the dark forces was concerned.

Kajiwe, initially a palm wine tapper (mgema) later became a fisherman during which it is believed the spirits came and dragged him under water for a intensive three-month training.

Legend has it he stayed under the ocean for three months during which he was inducted into the world of spirits.

“As a wine tapper in Shika Adabu in Likoni area, he was an ordinary young man who nobody envisioned would become a great medicine man. But he changed into the Kajiwe after his encounters under sea,”
said Kajiwe’s youngest brother, Suleiman Washe Guro in an interview with The Standard.

Kajiwe and his family. PHOTO | STANDARD

Kajiwe, whose name means a small stone in Swahili, claimed to have fed on mud on the entire 3-month duration he spent under the ocean.

In Kwa Kajiwe, Uwanja wa Ndege in Rabai, a few kilometers past Mazeras in Kwale County, residents who witnessed Kajiwe in action remember him with awe and respect.

It is said Kajiwe would neutralise witches by peeing on them. He would then proceed to warn the witches to abandon their wicked ways or die.

His soaring popularity would see him catch the attention of politicians seeking charms to win elections. As his trade expanded, so was Kajiwe’s fortune.

The medicine man who started off his trade in his native Buni within Rabai, later moved to a 16-acre farm near Uwanja wa Ndege where he also invited his brothers to join him.

As Kajiwe’s fame increased, some imposter medicine men in Ukambani started referring themselves Kajiwe to attract customers.

It is said the mercurial medicine man decided to teach the imposters a lesson by making an impromptu visit in Ukambani during which he paraded and exposed all the imposters.

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What’s more, word has it Kajiwe never encountered a challenge from any witch in the years he practiced his trade.

“The vicious ones (witches) would turn into bats, cats among other animals but Kajiwe would catch and neutralize their wicked powers with little or no resistance,”
said Guro.

Kajiwe displays his tools of trade. PHOTO | COURTESY

Kajiwe Primary School, started in 1986 by the famous medicine man was later taken over by the government.

Kajiwe, who reportedly fathered over 100 children in his lifetime, died in 1993.

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