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Justina Syokua engages fan in heated online spat over her eye lashes

Gospel singer Justina Syokau recently sparked mixed reactions after claiming that she imports her lashes from the United States.

The singer made the revelation in an interactive session with her fans on Instagram when one netizen made a negative comment about her artificial eyelashes.

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Syokua countered the attack by telling off the netizen for criticising her lashes yet they are the best thing in town

“How do you look on my lashes and you start talking? These lashes are from New York City, US. I import my eyelashes and they are the best in town

“They are not ordinary. My friend, stop that because you cannot break me by just writing things that can’t work,” she said.

In May 2021, Syokua begged for financial help from her fans after falling sick and spending one week in the Intensive Care Unit and another one in HDU.

The singer said that she was diagnosed with a skin infection caused by a bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus which resulted from a wrong prescription. The infection has also affected her liver.

“It started as a reaction and I thought it was just rashes. As time went on, the rash worsened and I did not understand what was wrong,” she said.

Syokau said the disease has pushed her to the limit.

“I have taken a lot of medicine to the extent my liver got damaged. I was admitted to hospital for two weeks, spent all my savings and got to a point of selling my clothes and shoes,” she added.

The singer said that despite landing huge endorsement deals several years ago and making hits, being hospitalized has cleared her bank accounts and now she’s begging for any kind of donation to help clear the bill.

“I had sung about restoration but I am currently very broke. Restoration did not happen to me. You can never plan for your tomorrow

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“Even when I called my friends to help me while in the hospital, no one believed I was broke because my songs were everywhere,” she said.

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