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Japanese melons selling for as much as KSh 21k each

In Japan, one can find some of the world’s most expensive fruit.

According to Business Insider, a single melon can sell for upwards of KSh 21,600.

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As if that’s noe enough, a bunch of 15 grapes can go for as much as KSh 11,400 and premium white strawberries for KSh 4,300 each.

In 2021, two Yubari King melons sold at auction for KSh 7.5 million.

Explanations for the high prices of the Japanese fruits usually focus on the labour that goes into its production.

For instance, the famous Crown muskmelons are tended by hand for 100 days with only a single fruit allowed to grow on each vine, concentrating nutrients.

Further, they are rubbed with gloved hands to stimulate even growth and sweetness.

On sunny days, the melons are fitted with caps to prevent sunburn, and when harvested they’re graded on shape and skin quality as one might for pearls.

For Crown melons, there are 20 different varieties of crown melon seeds grown depending on the season.

Thee farmers give the melons constant attention and care with each melon taking at least 100 days to grow, and the fruit is grown all year round.

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The raised beds allow the farmers to control the amount of water each plant gets exactly, and air conditioning and heating keep the temperatures constant year-round.

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