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Jamal Roho safi reveals he used KSh 400k school fees on Matatu and became successful

Renowned business man and socialite Amber Ray’s husband Jamal Roho Safi has disclosed how he started his business from bottom to where it is now.

The entrepreneur told off critics who have been claiming he has been making money from dirty deals by revealing the kind of business he does.

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During an interview with Jalang’o, Jamal disclosed that since long ago he has ventured into the Matatu industry and nothing close to dirty businesses.

He said that his mother wanted him to pursue a pilot course and even gave him KSh 400 for fees but Jamal decided to purchase a Matatu with that money.

You know my mum believe in education and she really wanted me to be a pilot. She even gave me money for aviation school. I remember we were here in town when she handed me the KSh 400,000. However, I did not go to school, I pocketed the money because I was already in love with what I was doing in the matatu industry,” Jamal revealed.

Jamal revealed that even having his own Matatu he never stopped working as a Matatu conductor.

He said his Matatu, which he named Telaviv, was being operated by two youths who he hired. He worked as a Matatu driver and conductor for two years.

‘I used the money to buy an old matatu, I kept working for my boss and hired fellow youths on my own matatu. So I was being paid and also making money with my matatu. I started slowly but blossomed with time,” He added.

Jamal said this took a better turn as he used to earn from his employer and still get something from his own Matatu.

After a while, Jamal formed the Telaviv Matatu Sacco which has grown big.

The business man told Jalang’o that, he registered nearly 60 matatus at his Sacco which used to paid him KSh 500 each daily.

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‘I do not do dirty business or wash wash as they think. When Televiv sacco grew, I registered more matatus. I was in charge of about 60 matatus which used to pay me KSh 500 each daily. I could do KSh 30,000 to KSh 32,000 a day. I am good with savings, so that is how I grew. Then I diversified.” Jamal said.

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