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Jalang’o reveals he declined offers from 8 TV stations seeking to air Bonga na Jalas

Comedian and radio presenter Felix Odiwuor, alias Jalang’o recently disclosed that he declined offers form TV stations that wanted to air Bonga Na Jalas.

Speaking in a meeting with content creators, the radio presenter disclosed that he was approached by at least eight media houses.

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Jalang’o stated that TV like to pay per episode, adding that he didn’t believe in taking his show to mainstream media outlets.

He further advised content creators against selling their content to media houses because of opportunities that the digital space has created.

“Do not sell your dream because this thing is bigger than any TV. You can sell shares but not the entire company… MC Jessy was approached and went to KTN. This thing is bigger than any of those televisions,” said Jalang’o. 

In other news, Jalang’o and former Kiss FM presenter Andrew Kibe made headlines after mocking blogger Edgar Obare over his ‘cheap’ advertising rates.

It all started when Jalang’o was addressing his beef with the blogger when he revealed that Obare charges KSh 5,000 for advertising while for him an advertiser has to part with at least KSh 200,000 for a single advert.

“You see Edgar has to eat, if he doesn’t write about me, he will not eat, so why would you spoil somebody else’s supper or lunch… He charges KSh 5,000 for the advertisement he makes,” he said. 

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“A client wanted me to advertise for them and I told them its KSh 200k and they tell me mbona kwa Edgar tunalipishwa KSh 5,000,” he added. 

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