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Is Silas Jakakimba dating Aoko Otieno?

Popular personality Silas Jakakimba has broken his silence after photos of him and vocal writer Aoko Otieno hanging out together went viral

Rumours become rife after Aoko shared a picture online showing her spending quality time with a certain man at a garden restaurant.

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The woman, known for her hard opinions on women did not reveal the man’s face but only showcased his hand which had an expensive wristwatch.

“Sura yake mtangoja sana (I will not show his face). What’s certain is that napendwa. Na ni wakili (I’m loved and he is a lawyer). When others wana amshwa(are woken up) for morning glory, I get woken up to read,” Aoko tweeted

Social media users who spotted the photo quickly identified the watch from city lawyer Jakakimba with even sharing more photos of the hunk with similar watch.

However, Jakakimba quickly rubbished the rumours stating that he has not intimate relationship with Aoko.

He also denied owning such kind of a watch.

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No Sir. Whereas Aoko is such an authentic woman any reasonable man including yours truly would die for (yes, we love authentic mamas) and the folk in caption has a nice watch – The Fisherfolk has no such relationship with Nyar Luo and only does wrist instruments, not nice watches.” He responded to one of the commenters.

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