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Interesting facts about the tongue

Tongues serve a critical purpose in a human being. Without the toungue eating, talking, swallowing among others would be a problem.

The tongue, which is a muscular organ helps in digestion hence very helpful to the digestive system.

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Apart from the above, the tongue has other various interesting facts you probably never knew about.

Men’s tongues are longer than Women’s.

Tongues length may be different for different individuals. It is reported that the average length of a human tongue from the inside to the tip is four inches.

Another reported indicated that women have shorter tongues than men. Women’s tongue length is 2.7 inches.

Tongues colour explains your health

A person’s tongue is always pink when when healthy. If the colour has changed then it means you have some health problems. When the tongue turns white, that’s an indication of possible fungal infection and when it’s yellow it’s an indication of possible stomach problems.

It is the most flexible organ

The tongue is a small and flexible organ in a human beings body. It is very useful in manipulating any type of food.

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Unique imprints

A person’s tongue has unique imprints. Yes just like your fingerprints. No one else can has the same tongue prints like yours, even your father, mother or siblings.

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