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Husband reveals wife snobbed his first text for 3 months

A Ugandan couples identified as Maurice Angumya and Christina have revealed that were it not for a birthday party they would not be knowing each other.

Maurice narrated that he was supposed to give Christina a ride to the birthday venue. He revealed that he was irked by Christina that day as she took long to show up but still they went together.

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Later after the party was over, Maurice texted her via WhatsApp inquiring whether she safely got home. Christina said that when she saw the message she quickly headed to view the profile picture and after noticing it was him, she turned off the phone and slept.

Later after three months, Christina replied to the text confirming that she arrived home safely.

It was when the two started talking more often and joked a lot. She also at some times visited the hunk at his home where they watched chilled and watched movies.

She had also in her mind conclude that Maurice liked her and so went to his home hungry knowing he will prepare some meal.

However Maurice only offered her the movies she had had gone to watch.

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They however got close and close and months later Maurice proposed to Christina and she said a big Yes.

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