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How to survive on KSh20,000 salary in Nairobi

Surviving with KSh 20,000 in Nairobi can be very frustrating especially when you are and independent adult. But if you live with your parents, that’s not a thing worry much.

It can be quite hard to plan that amount to cover your bills, that is, Rent, fare, medical bill, toiletries and money to hang out with your friends.

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You can be employed actually at a good company, but being underpaid is the biggest challenge.

But you also don’t have to worry, there are many tips to survive with that KSh 20,000 salary.

Live in a house you can afford.

Choosing the right neighbourhood that fits your pocket is one thing you would want to do. You do not have to pay half the amount of your salary for house rent if you don’t want to go broke.

If your are a specious person, just avoid it for your own sake. It’s advisable to get a bedsitter.

You can also choose to compromise your privacy and live with a friend. By doing that you’ll have to share the rent equally and it will save you a lot.


If you want to survive the high costs of living in Nairobi then you have to save.

Once you receive your KSh 20,000, it is best advisable to set aside KSh 3,000 or KSh4,000 every Month.

Always pick free events

It is not bad for one to go for entertainments once in a while because it helps one get a break from that frustrating and busy life.

But again, if you choose paid entertainment events and hang out daily with your friends, that can be very costly. Instead you and your friends can decide to be selecting each one’s house occasionally and have fun. You and your friends can also go for free events.

Avoid ‘slayqueen’ girlfriend

While being underpaid, you have to select a girlfriend that understands you and adds value to your life other than picking that one who would always demand for salon and pocket money.

Avoid eating out.

If you want to survive in Nairobi, restaurants don’t have to be a priority. Instead of using over KSh 1000 at a restaurant meal, why don’t you purchase the necessities and cook the food at home.

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It is even easier nowadays, if really must eat a certain food, you just have to google for it’s recipe.

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