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How to lead a successful relationship with a young man

Relationships between younger men and older women are very popular today.

Some criticize it claiming that men should be older than the women they are dating, but these relationships are actually thriving and working well for many.

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In Nairobi, it looks like they are here to stay.

If you are a woman looking to be in a relationship with a younger man, look into the following tips on how and what you can do to make your relationship successful.

You should not control him

Many wrongly assume that the woman in the relationship, will now be in control since she is older then the man.

This should not be the case.

If you are going to date a younger man, you need to understand that he is still a man despite his age, and he’ll want to be in control.

So, do not diminish him because of his age or you could just lose him.

Do not be his mommy

The young man is definitely not looking for a mother if he dates you, rather a girlfriend.

As much as you may have more life experience, refrain from urges to mother him.

He is a grown man who can look out for himself.

Don’t dress like women his age

The young man dating you loves you for you, and for the mature woman you have become.

Be yourself always, and don’t put him off by trying to look or talk like younger women.

I mean, if he wanted a twenty-year-old, he would have gone for that and not you.

Learn from him

Put your pride aside lady.

It is wrong to date a younger man thinking he cannot teach you anything.

Be open-minded and learn from your man. You might be surprised at just how much he can teach you.

Besides, he will love you even more, if you are ready to learn stuff from him.

Allow him to hang out with his agemates

We all have our individual lives and growth, before we can enter relationships and grow as couple.

That said, you ought to allow your man to spend time and hang out with his agemates often.

That’s part of his growth, and your relationship shouldn’t snatch it away from him.

Understand if he is not ready to commit

Do not forget that you and your man are at different stages and points in life.

While you might be looking for a life partner, marriage may be the very last thing on your man’s mind.

Try and understand this because it does not mean he doesn’t love you.

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For instance, he might be in his early twenties, so do not pressure him into committing.

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