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How to identity you are dating a ‘slay queen’

A good number of men out here who wants to date and settle with one woman for the rest of their lives will probably want to avoid ‘Slayqueens’.

In this article, we have highlighted some tips that will help you differentiate between the good, innocent ladies and the ‘slayqueens’.

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Long Nails

Women with extreme long nail will leave you wondering how they perform some of their house chores and even how do they bath?

Once you pick a slayqueen with super long nails to be your girlfriend, then get ready to always pay for her laundry among others.

Again these ladies cannot cook to prevent their nails from breaking. The only thing they can do in the kitchen is boil water and cook eggs.

Weave and wig

The slayqueens will always pretend to wear expensive weaves or wigs. But the funny thing is that the weaves and wigs are not even authentic.

Only fall for natural hair ladies men.

Wears heels she can’t walk in

With her fake wig, a slayqueen will try to match it with heels, also fake and worn out, and would walk in public. Jeez.

Incongruent taste: (loves the high life, her life is on a shoestring budget)

Men, beware of a slayqueen especially when you are out with her at a restaurant. She will always order expensive drinks and foods and leave you struggling to pay the bill because she can’t afford.

If you meet such kind of ladies, just disappearer or else they’ll milk you.

They Tweng

Slayqueen have these exotic accent you’d think they’ve travelled the whole world yet they only revolve around Nairobi.

Too much make up

It’s okay to say, ‘girls who wear make up are fake’ This slayqueens will apply over five layers of make up and will look totally different, but wait until they get off that make up, you’ll run away.

Their phones have military-grade security

Men, don’t expect a slayqueen to be loyal in any intimate relationship you have. This women have multiple men in their lives and can never want that secret to be known. To protect that, they’ll put password to their phone’s gallery, sms, WhatsApp, Instagram etc.

Have cracked phones

Most of them are alcoholics. They drink excessively and stagger, stumble, fall and crack their phone screens.

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Men, if then you entertain such women, you’ll end up buying new phones every week.

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