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How to get rid of annoying ex

Some exes will never admit that you two parted ways and would always linger around trying to get your attention not knowing how extra boring and annoying they are.

They just won’t believe you moved on and would always disturb you with messages and calls hoping to get another chance.

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If you really want to bid goodbye to such annoying exes follow and heed to the following advice.


If you already have spelt things out to your ex but does not understand, the best medicine is to ignore. Simply avoid his her calls, messages or emails. If her persists and becomes more annoy with frequent calls, get a male or female friend who will answer them.


If the maniac continues with the habit of texting and calling multiple times, just block him or her. Make sure the ex doesn’t have any avenue of reaching out to you.

Cut off common friends

You need to cut off common friends because they would always try to convince you to get back to their friend. You will will always use them to send messages to you after you’ve blocked him. Make sure you don’t keep in touch with these friends either virtually or otherwise.

Go easy on social media.

With all connection between you and the ex cut, they might use fake social media accounts to get to you. If he uses such tactics just keep off social media for about two weeks.

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Warn you family members

These annoying exes at times can use one or more of your family members to seduce you back into that relationship. Just to avoid this, warn your family members against the ex and let them know you broke up.

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