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Habits men do that annoy women

Men do several things with or without knowing that their girlfriends get annoyed. Well, most of them would not change no matter how plenty he does the inexcusable and annoying things. Even if you try you best to nag the your efforts will be futile.

Well, most of them do this things because they are, maybe, young and still to mature or just because they are enjoying life before settling down officially.

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We have highlighted just but a few habits men do that annoy women.

Pretending to listen when you are not

No matter how beautiful your relationship is, if he keeps on pretending he has all your attention but obviously not, you will get annoyed. If he is the type of boyfriends who aren’t attentive to what their girlfriends do or say then, they will easily annoy the woman.

Having too many female friends.

Men, having female friends is not a bad idea, but again you have to play it careful. If you have many female friends especially the one she knows, maybe her friends, then make her feel the best amongst them. Avoid complementing the friends too much, she might conclude your cheating on her. What you should know that feeling is not brought about by trust, insecurity, or jealousy issues.


Let’s get this clear, it’s more similar to ‘avoiding’ or let’s say selective hearing. A woman would always get annoyed when you frequently keep forgetting every single thing she told you. To worsen it, you remember some and forget others.

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Ladies also get annoyed by men who ruffle their hair especially when they have just finished doing it. A boyfriend who goes on farting without shame and continues with conversation will always annoy his girlfriend.

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