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Gynaecologist dismisses ‘kiberiti’ myth

Gynaecologists have recently dismissed the myth and misinformation trending in Kenya about how a woman can compromise the DNA formation of a child born out of wedlock.

According to the tale, a woman who has stepped out of relationship and unfortunately got pregnant can easily prevent giving birth to a child resembling the cheating partner.

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To do this, a woman is supposed to use the head of a match stick during the act with the cheating partner.

“You take the particles of say three matchsticks. You place them at the circumference of the genital area three hours before coitus. The Kiberiti particles have Sulphur that will alternate with the Y chromosome. It neutralizes the sperm identity, thus weakening the resemblance of the father resulting in much activeness of the other’s gene,” said the fallacy.

Gynaecologists have however, trashed the tale stating its a misinformation that has not been proven scientifically.

According to Dr Njoki Fernandes, a Nairobi-based gynaecologist who spoke with TV 47, the genes received from the two parties cannot be changed using matchsticks.

Njoki warned women out here against falling for the misinformation stating that the use of matchsticks can cause severe infections and burns in their private parts.

“The looks of a child are genetic. It is not something you can alter using matchboxes. Tampering with DNA is not a simple science that involves kiberiti,” Njoki told TV 47.

The myth arose after a Whatsapp conversation between a man and woman went viral.

The woman invited the cheating partner to her house assuring him that her husband had travelled.

The woman was also ready to get pregnant for the man but the man was worried that her husband would notice.


Gynaecologists have dismissed the matchbox head myth. Photo courtesy

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She assured him that her husband would never notice as she would use the matchsticks head trick and alter the looks and traits of the child.

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