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Fun facts about slayqueens

A slayqueen is a lady who shows off how perfect she is when it comes to fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter how a slayqueen manages to top the beauty charts, either by faking it or not, she must slay.

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Slayqueens board certains vehicles and only take special meals which they also cannot afford.

However, there are more facts about slayqueens that have been publicized.

Slayqueens have unique methods of speaking. They twang.  They usually have that fake American accent.

Even when they speak in Swahili, they would still twang and shorten the words in a bid to be unique from other women.

They cannot survive without make and would never go out for without makeup. Apply make up tends to make them more confident about themselves.

They generally believe without make up they can’t slay.

Slayqueens are always on phone. They are more addicted to their phones than anything else.

This is because they want to monitor how their selfies they share on Instagram and Facebook is doing in terms of likes and comments.

They would make sure they have data bundles just not to stay offline from WhatsApp.

Slayqueens are never miss current trends in town. They would be on the know for the latest hot and rich guys in the are, the latest millionaire and the new shopping mall.

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They can’t live without partying. You will find them with old and rich men in clubs partying from Monday to Sunday. They would then take photos and brag about the event online.

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