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France: Amazing facts about most visited country in the world

France, officially French Republic, French France or République Française in Western Europe boasts many medieval cities, alpine villages and Mediterranean beaches.

France is termed as one of the most important nation in the western part of the world in terms of culture and her history.

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The First Republic of France was established on September 22, 1792. Five major cities in France are Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille, Toulouse, and Nantes.

France is the world’s most popular tourist destination

According to a recent ranking by the United Nations World Tourism Organization France is among 12 most visited countries in the world out of 20. According to tourism statistics France was visited by over 90 million people in 2018. France’s Capital city Paris, also stands at third most visited city in the world.

The country becomes a major tourism attraction in the world because of its rich art and culture heritage, incredible architecture, delicious food and tasty French wines.

Largest country in Europe

France is one of the largest countries in the European Union after Russia and Ukraine. It covers a total area of 551,695 square kilometers. In about 30% of the country is forest hence making her the fourth most forested country in Europe after Sweden, Finland, and Spain. Due to it six sided shape, the country is mostly refered as l’hexagone.


Prostitution was made legal in France since April 2016. Even though it was legalized, several activities such as operating a brothel, being a pimp and buying the services of a prostitute remain illegal. This means that when caught doing the aforementioned, you’ll get arrested whereas the prostitute gets freed.

Marrying a dead person is allowed

In a bizarre story, if your love of life got into a premature death just before you tow walked down the aisle, then don’t worry because marrying a dead person is legal in France. The president has the rights to permit or not in proceeding with the ceremony with the deceased.

Louis XIX

Louis XIX made history after becoming the French king for only 20 minutes. His short reign came after his father Charles X abdicated and left him for the position in July 1830. He then abdicated his duties for his nephew the Duke’s of Bordeaux. This makes him the most shorten reigning monarch in history. But, not only him, he share the record with Prince Luís Filipe who took the thrown and became the king of Portugal shortly after his father passed away. Luís then succumbed 20 minutes after due to a wound.

Same-sex marriage is legal

France became the ninth country in Europe and 14th in the world to legalize same-sex marriage in May 2018 after President Françoise Holland signed the bill into law. The new law was however not received well in the country with many arguing it was against the taboos.

Tin cans, the hairdryer, and the hot air balloon were invented in France

French took part in the invention of the most useful things in our lives today. Did you know that idea to use sealed glass jars placed in boiling water to preserve food was brought about by Nichola Appert in 1980? A tin can was invented by Pierre Durant. Braille was also made by Louis Braille who turned blind while still a kid. The hairdryer was invented by Ferdinand Godefroy in 1888. Physician René Laennec invented the stethoscope while still working at a hospital in Paris in 1816. What about the hot air balloon? Hot air balloon was developed by Joseph and Etienne popularly known as Montgolfier brothers. Their invention was first publicized in the year 1783.


France is known for producing most of the best wines in the world. The country manages to get the top points of the best wines makers because from centuries the have been cultivating the grapevine and paying attention to different makes. The country stands at the top for wine producers even now. France’s wine comes in various styles and quality level from hundreds of its unique appellations. During an auction a 73-year-old bottle of French Burgundy got sold at a whooping price of $558,000.

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Eiffel Tower

Eiffel tower is a major tourism attraction in Paris, France. The tower was completed on March 1889 and remained the most tallest man made building for 41 years. The tower was engineered by architecture Gustave Eiffel who later on received a lot of backlash. Since the opening of the tower more than 250 million people have visited it.

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