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Faith Mueni: Kenya Railways Auditor Allegedly Killed by Jealous Lover (PHOTOS)

Police are looking for a man who allegedly hacked her wife to death in Machakos then disappeared.

Harrison Mutisya,43, is alleged to have killed his 35-year-old wife Faith Mueni, an auditor at Kenya railways, on Saturday, March 26 in a fit of rage fueled by jealousy.

According to reports, Mutisya is said to have tapped the deceased’s phone as he suspected his wife was cheating on him.


“From the reports I’m getting from friends, it is said he (Mutisya) used to tap my sister’s phone. The guy was very insecure.
My sister did not consider it a big issue, she would defend him when questioned about the phone tapping issue by her friends.

Maybe he had his own tribulations and insecurities that is why she decided to butcher my innocent sister,”
the deceased’s sister identified as Lucia told a local publication.

Faith Mueni at her office. PHOTO | COURTESY

According to an account corroborated by Lucia and Mutisya’s parents,the couple had supper together at Mutisya’s home in Kalama, Machakos County, and retired to bed.

But they failed to show up for breakfast by 9 am the following day as was the norm prompting Mutisya’a mother to go and check on her son and daughter-in-law only to find the door locked from the outside with a padlock.

Faith Mueni worked as an auditor with Kenya Railways. PHOTO | COURTESY

The deceased’s car was also missing from the compound where she had parked it with her husband and their four-year-old daughter.

The ensuing events would see discovery of Mueni’s body lying in a pool of blood with her throat partially slit, right hand cut in several places and head with deep panga cuts.

Faith Mueni has been described by friends as hardworking, smar and ambitious. PHOTO | COURTESY

Up till now, five days after the incident happened, the suspected murderer is still at large and the car he is suspected to have fled in is still missing.
Mueni’s family now wants the authorities to conduct investigations and bring the culprit to book.

“We want justice for our sister. The matter was reported at the Konza Police Station and Machakos DCIO. We have not heard anything from them since and we request the government to speed up investigations.” Said Mueni’s brother Moses Musyoka.

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Faith Mueni and her husband Harrison Mutisya appeared happy on social media. PHOTO | COURTESY

Interestingly, the deceased and his fugitive husband looked happy on their social media posts.

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