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Esther Passaris’ Sizzling Beach Photo Leaves Thirsty Men Salivating

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris recently left netizens salivating after sharing a suggestive photo while enjoying a moment at the beach.  

Through her Twitter page, the politician shared a message to remember her departed dad, accompanying it with the photo exposing her ‘yellow yellow’ thighs. 

According to the photo, Passaris had her back to the camera while enjoying the breeze from the ocean as the wind blew her dress showcasing her curves. 

“Papou, I cannot turn the clock and will never get the answers I seek; as you traverse the high seas, know that I will forever be your baby girl,” she captioned the photo. 

However, netizens did not care about the message but more about the photo that got most of them salivating. 


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