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Esther Musila’s daughter speaks on mum’s relationship with Guardian Angel – VIDEO

Esther Musila’s daughter, Gilda Naibei has for the first time spoken about her mum’s relationship with gospel singer Guardian Angel.

Naibei hosts a proposal show on YouTube where she interviews recently engaged couples to speak on their relationship and engagement.

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During the show, Musila narrated how she met with the singer, while Guardian on the other hand detailed how he managed to propose to his fiancé on her birthday.

Musila also recalled the moment she shared the news of her engagement with Naibei, who in turn said that they are happy about it as a family.

She added that all her siblings were happy about the engagement and can’t wait for their wedding.

“Esther’s children are okay, us guys are happy. We can’t wait for this wedding, we can’t wait for them to be happy (in marriage), they are happy, have always been. As long as we are fine, everyone should be okay,” Naibei said.

This came days after Musila clapped back at a fan who asked of she is planning to have kids with Guardian Angel.

“So are you ready to have children with Guardian Angel or you want to have fun? I am not asking in bad faith, I love you baby girl,” asked a fan.

However, despite trying to put the question in a polite way, Musila fired back arguing that life is not all about kids and urged the fan to sire her’s if she wants to.

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“Did you her life is all about having children? Give birth to yours. Okay?” Musila retorted.

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