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Employee returns KSh 4.6 million found hidden in donated sweaters

Andrea Lessing from Oklahoma working for a donation center recently found KSh 4.6 million ($42,000) hidden in a pair of sweaters donated at the center.

Andrea disclosed that she was inspecting a pile of donation in the Goodwill store located in Norman, Oklahoma when she discovered the mounds of cash.

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She revealed that when she held the sweaters felt something unusual and decided to open it and she was shocked finding the huge amount of money.

Andrea Lessing
Andrea Lessing was surprised with KSh 100k from the KSh4.6 million she returned. Photo courtesy

According to her, while speaking at an interview, she at first though the money was fake as she has never touched such amount of money.

Andrea said that she found some paperwork in the clothing which she immediately used to trace the owner and luckily found him.

The mother of 6-year-old girl also disclosed that she had second thoughts to keep the money as she has problems to sought.

From the money Andrea found, the owner appreciated her by gifting her KSh 100k.

The mother also said that she wants her daughter to follow the same footsteps of honesty, integrity and kindness.

“I do believe that if you do something good, something good will come back to you,” Lessing told CNN

She was applauded by many among them the donation center who were impressed by her integrity.

In a another story, a Zanzibar man amazed many after returning a lost bag full of cash to its rightful owner.

According to reports, one Suleiman Bakari Ramadhan Akida picked the bag containing TSh 150 million ( KSh 7 million) in Ugunja Island.

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Immediately after discovering the cash, Suleiman embarked on a process to trace the owner who was in Oman.

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