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Elodie Zone: Gorgeous photos of Sol Generation’s Nviiri the Storyteller’s girlfriend

Digital content creator Elodie Zone came into the limelight about the about three years ago following her ugly break up with Former President Mwai Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew.

At the time, the two were embroiled in a fiery online feud accusing each other of all manner of things.

Elodie came into the limelight after breaking up with ex-President Mwai Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew Photo: Instagram

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In a lengthy Instagram post, the gorgeous Elodie disclosed that their break up was caused by many reasons with the main one being that she was in a toxic relationship.

“…to just wrap all the reasons up in a sentence, it was a very toxic relationship. I’ve done my best to leave it in the past so what I can do is continue to grow, learn and keep going,” she said in part.

Elodie said she left the relationship because it was very toxic Photo: Instagram

On his side, Sean went gun blazing hot accusing Elodie of partying too much and indulging in drugs.

“…my greatest fear was to lose you. Today I face this fear and say that I’ll just be fine without your hurt and toxity. Go enjoy all your drugs and friends. I’ll just be fine,” Sean lashed out at Elodie.

On why she broke up with Elodie, Sean accused her of partying too much and indulging in drugs Photo: Instagram

Three years later, rumours of her alleged relationship with Sol Generation’s Nviiri Sande, alias Nviiri the Storyteller emerged and before they publicly spoke about it, it was all over the place.

Speaking in a recent interview, Nviiri said they had been friends with Elodie for over eight years and wanted his relationship to be private.

Three years later she resurfaced after it emerged she was dating singer Nviiri the Storyteller Photo: Instagram

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“We have been friends for eight years. We kept our relationship a secret for months without telling people we were dating.

“We needed to understand ourselves, are we strong enough for the public because they can be ruthless,” he said.

Before dating, according to Nviiri, they had been friends with Elodie for over eight years Photo: Instagram

Nviiri said their initial plan was to keep relationship private Photo: Instagram

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