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Eliud Kipchoge: Money Has Never Been a Motivating Factor in My Career

Double Olympic marathon champion Eliud Kipchoge has disclosed how he handles fame which he says brings problems to a lot of sportsmen.  

Speaking to rugby players during a private breakfast at the Impala Grounds, the top rated athlete says he does not care about fame maintaining that it is not crucial in someone’s life. 

“We know in sports, fame and money are the things giving sportsmen problems. What is fame? Can you touch it? No. Then where is the problem coming from? When you happen to be famous which I think is not crucial, put it aside. Fame is there but can you touch it? No. Is it crucial? No 

“You must ask yourself after being famous all day do you sleep? When you sleep you sleep alone you will not be famous in bed. You sleep alone. Life always goes on,” Kipchoge said. 

Kipchoge who broke a world record and ran a marathon under 2 hours said people embrace fame despite it being problematic. 

“People are refusing to think. That thing is giving people problems then why don’t you get away from this. Immediately it comes to you it gives you a problem,” the marathoner said. 

Marathoner Eliud Kipchoge PHOTO/COURTESY

Kipchoge also warned sportsmen against focusing on money, saying putting too much focus on the paper results to a massive fail. 

“Don’t put money on your mind because you will crash. If I do that you will hear Eliud died on the superhighway,” he said.  

He maintained that money has never been a motivating factor in his career. 

“I’m older than all of you here, even your manager. What keeps me going is the inspiration I get from all of you and everywhere I go. Who is the oldest footballer? Ronaldo is 37 and no one can do what he does

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“I always train also I don’t discuss matters of age or limitation. I’m more than that. I have the right systems that can help me progress,” Kipchoge said.

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