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Eldoret funeral parlour acquires KSh 20 million limousine hearse that costs KSh 500k per day for hire

A popular funeral home has made headlines in recent days after reportedly acquiring a hearse worth a whooping KSh 20 million.

Speaking to a local publication, a representative from the company said that one would part with KSh 500,000 to hire the Range Rover limousine for a day.

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“The limousine cost around Ksh18 to Ksh20 million. Now, we are charging Ksh500,000. It just landed. The business itself has been around for five years,” he said.

He also explained that the company resorted to purchase the costly vehicle in a bid to expand its quality offering.

“Change from the normal. We are focused in improving daily and our slogan is quality runs deep. That is what is guiding us. We want to improve everyday in all aspects,” he added.

The maroon limousine has long gull-wing doors, and swan doors on its rear end that can sit three people.

On its sides, the car has two transparent windscreens covered with curtains with a rotational panel on which the coffin sits inside.

The company also has a fleet of about 60 cars including Landcruiser hearses, a Jaguar Limousine, Prados that pulls chariots, normal vans, seven seaters hearses and Mercedes Benz hearses.


Joshua Arap Sang: Having all the cost carrying someone who isn’t aware of what’s happening is ignorance. Carrying someone with such expensive vehicles and purported respectful manner is worthless. Use such in weddings

Truphena Kibor: Let’s embrace cremation, people going without food while others throw extravagant funerals. Africans will be poor forever

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Wandia Wa Nyaga: Funerals nowadays are a display of might. The person might have been sleeping hungry and or even died from lack of medical attention halafu abebwe na hii

Daniel Kosgei: Why spend a million just to burry the dead! I think we have our priorities upside down! A fundraise is done where a million is raised only to be blown off in a day! The next weeks family hawana chochote. Let’s be reasonable.

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